Safe Social Media Use
This course will guide you through simple steps to get what you want from social media.
Thinking in Music: The Basics
This course will walk you through the building blocks of music, how songs are put together, and how to read music on a page.
Getting Started with MIDI and Mixing
Learn about MIDI devices, mixing, and layering here.
The Red, Yellow, and Green Flags of Job Searching
This course will help you spot job posts you should avoid, know when to ask questions, and recognize the best opportunities for you.
Digital Cameras for Beginners
It’s hard to beat a digital camera if you’re interested in photography. Get started here.
Discussing Current Events in the Classroom
Classroom discussions can be intimidating for students and teachers. This course will explore ways to start safe, meaningful current events discussions.
Toybox 3D Printer User Guide
The Toybox printer is a fantastic place to learn the basics of 3D printing. Get started here.
What Is Pseudoscience?
Science and pseudoscience are very different. Learn how here.
Meta Quest 2 User Guide
If you're new to VR or Meta devices, you may need help getting started. This lesson will walk you through the features you'll need to use your Quest 2.
What Is an Interest Rate?
What does an interest rate actually mean? Find out here before you invest or borrow any money.
How Are Percentages Used?
Percents are all around us, but do you know what they really mean? Learn more about them here.
Supporting New Chromebook Users
Adopting Chromebooks to your organization? This lesson will introduce you to the Chromebook design and help you prepare others to make the most of them.
Using Your Strengths at Work
You know your strengths, but how can you use them at work? Learn how here.
Planning Ahead
Learn to stay ahead of scheduling conflicts by planning ahead.
Conflict Resolution
Learn about causes of conflict - and how to avoid them.
Prepare for an Interview
Learn how to answer tough questions and other ways to shine in a job interview.
Apply for a Job
In this course, learn about applying for jobs, from where to apply to how to fill out an application.
Create a Resume
Learn to create a thoughtful resume that will catch any employer's eye.
Assess Your Strengths
Learn a little about your strengths by taking a strengths assessment.
Work Basics
New jobs are hard to navigate. Learn a few tips here.
Assessing Your Online Reputation
Our online reputation can help or hurt us as we seek to grow in our careers or personal lives. Learn how you can manage yours here.
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is an essential skill for 21st Century learners. In this course, we’ll discuss logical reasoning, evaluating sources, and more.
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