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Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


When you apply for a job, most employers ask for your resume, or a short summary of your experiences and qualifications for the position. Resumes are helpful for employers to get all the information they need in a neat package, but they can also be a helpful way for you to organize your own strengths as you begin the job search process. In this lesson, we’ll discuss the different parts of a resume. Then, you’ll make one you can use.

CEU Credits

Enrolled users will earn 0.1 continuing education units (CEUs) upon completing the course.


  1. Learners will be able to describe key features of a resume.
  2. Learners will be able to create a resume.

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The ability to manage time and work independently on a course, the ability to read content at a sixth grade level in a digital format (or accessibility tools to assist, like screenreader software)

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In order to receive CEU credit for this course you must earn a score of 70% or higher on any quizzes.

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