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Welcome to GIENC's Critical Thinking Course. This course is designed to lead teachers through the critical thinking process so they are better equipped to teach the strategies to their students.

Throughout this course, you will see this symbol. This indicates extra information, teacher tips, and more.

As you go through this course, please do your best to engage with and enjoy the content. We are aware that many CEUs can be daunting and sometimes boring. We assure you this is not one of them! With this in mind, consider yourself both a student and a teacher throughout the experience. Enjoy!

Course Objectives

Lesson Planning

As you progress through this course, you will develop a lesson plan you can use to teach the content you’re learning to your students. The free response questions you answer will be transferred to a document you can download at the end of the course. Keep this in mind as you respond to the questions - responses should be 5-8 sentences long. Additionally, there will be teacher resources you can download, like slide decks and activities from the course. These will be listed throughout the course, but also on the "Teacher Resources" page.

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