Apply for a Job

Apply for a Job

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  1. Learners will be able to navigate websites to find job applications.
  2. Learners will be able to complete job applications.

Applying for jobs can be overwhelming, in part, because each company does things a little differently. In order to find the best opportunities, we have to know where to look. In this lesson, we’ll explore resources for looking for jobs online and we’ll also discuss common elements of job applications.

Have you ever completed a job application before? Where did you find the application?

Where Can I Find Job Applications?

On Individual Company Websites

If you already have an idea of where you want to work, it can be helpful to visit the company’s website. Most companies have links to their job applications accessible from their main page.

On the GIENC website, there is a “Careers” tab on the main menu.

GIENC websites with job openings highlighted

On other sites, like the Starbucks website, you might have to scroll to the bottom to find more menu options. Note that they use the word “Careers” instead of “Job Openings.” You also might see other words like “employment” that mean the same thing.

If you follow the employment links through an organization’s website, they should lead you to their job openings and applications.

1. Think of a company, like Amazon, FedEx, or Target, where you might like to work. Why do you think you might like to work there? 2. Visit the website of the company. Find the page where they list their employment opportunities and copy and paste the URL into the box below.

Using Job Application Sites

If you aren’t sure about a specific place you’d like to work, you can find lots of job postings in one place using a job application site like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or Google Jobs. These sites allow you to search for jobs by job title, keywords, or company. You can also filter your results by when jobs were posted, how far they are from your location, and salary.

1. Visit one of the sites linked above and use the search bar to find a job described as “front desk receptionist.” Copy and paste the URL of the job posting in the box below. 2. Using a different site than you just used, search for a landscaping job. Copy and paste the URL of the job posting into the box below. 3. How were the job search sites different? Was there one you liked better than the other?

Filling Out an Application

Parts of a Job Application

Once you find a job application you’re interested in, you can fill it out. They can vary, but job applications generally ask about you and your experiences, as well as how you would contribute to the workplace. You may be asked to provide…

  • Personal Information: To apply for a job, you have to submit basic personal information like your name, phone number, and email address so employers can contact you. They will also often ask for other information like home address and date of birth.
  • Work Eligibility Information: Factors like age, criminal convictions, and citizenship can affect your ability to work in some cases. Most job applications will ask for this information on their application so they can be aware of it during the hiring process.
  • Availability: Employers need to know your schedule in order to determine if you’re a good fit. They might ask if you’re available to work during specific times of day (like mornings, evenings, or night shifts), or if you’re interested in full or part-time work.
  • Education: Most job applications ask about your education. They will ask about any degrees or diplomas you have received, as well as where and when you received them.
  • Work Experience: Employers also need to know what kinds of jobs you’ve done in the past. You don’t need to list every job you’ve ever had, but you should like the most recent ones or any that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • References: If you’re asked to give references, you should provide contact information for former work supervisors, teachers or coaches, or other acquaintances that can speak to your work ethic or experience.

Job Application Tips

Completing a job application is the first step to getting hired. Here are a few tips to make sure your application shares the information you want it to.

Practice Job Application

Visit the site below to practice filling out a job application. Keep in mind that this is not a real application, and your information will not be on the form or in the site's database.

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